It’s complicated

The philosophical statements:-
“Life really doesn’t have to be complicated…we complicate things”.
“ From the moment we’re born life is complicated…we have to find a way to make it uncomplicated.”
“Life is only complicated if you ‘re poor and have limited options”
“Life is only complicated if you’re rich because you have too many options”
“Without education and the ability to learn and grow…life is complicated”
“Life is complicated because we don’t have faith or a belief in God”
“Life is complicated because we believe in God”.
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That’s what I do

I’ve been out of circulation on the Blogosphere for a while, I thought it best to reintroduce myself to those who may have forgotten me. :)
Blog hopping can seem a bit vacant and lacking genuine interest or concern for your fellow Bloggers efforts, especially when they have penned the work themselves.
However, I try my best to avoid flippancy and shallowness in responding, in a hope to convey my sincere interest.
When I visit a Blog I try to find something coming from the owner, something which interests me enough to put my fingers to the keyboard.
Thankfully, most of the Blog posts in my network are easy to comment on, due to their interesting depth and variety.
I’m not unique, like others, I tend to avoid commenting if I’m not interested in a post.
However, unlike some readers, differences of opinion do not bother me, I will readily voice my ‘different’ opinion, if aroused by the subject matter.
Of late, I have tried my best not to use the ‘Like’ button on WordPress Blog posts, as I feel that WordPress is the arena for the written response, conveying our likes or dislikes within our response.
I do have a Face book account and a Facebook page and I tend to use the like button where it’s more suited…on Facebook. ;)

OK, I know it’s been a while since I’ve been around the Blogs but what has happened with some of the WordPress settings?
I have tried to leave comments on a couple of Blogs and I’ve noticed that I’m sent on a loop which asks me for my WordPress login details but does not show that the comment has been accepted…very confusing.
UPDATE: – Recently found out that my comments have been held in moderation for acceptance and (depending on theme used) are not always shown on screen immediately after I submit them….Probably due to me being absent for a while.

Doing something different

The saying, ‘if you want different results, you need to do things differently’…is often on my mind.
I now have a new focus, a new logo, new banners, a new schedule and hopefully a new book in the first quarter of the New Year.
I obviously have to pace myself but hopefully I can build up some consistent momentum and publish some thought provoking, worthy of comment, Blog posts along the way.
If you have a Blog, my new visiting day will be Mondays…enjoy the rest of your week. :)

August Blog update

The school holidays have well and truly begun.
I have to work on the book and setting up the businesses, whilst also remembering that all important thing called “family” as well as finding that essential ‘us’ and ‘me’ time.
Over the weekend, I will be attending a BBQ…one of the children is away at a football tournament in Scotland, the other will be working, the rest we have with us.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to spend one day over this weekend, catching up and Blog-hopping.
My first port of call, will be to visit all my fellow Bloggers who follow me,  followed by all the weird and wonderful Blogs I have visited in the past and bookmarked in my Browser.

Whatever you are up to, have a great, safe and blessed weekend.